Pajama Time

I fall in love so easily.  Especially with a good book.  For me there is no greater discovery than a book that delights both my children and myself.  Mother Goose’s Pajama Party written by Danna Smith and illustrated by Virginia Allyn has quickly become one of our favorite bedtime (and anytime) stories.


Ms. Smith weaves together Mother Goose’s nursery rhythms with a natural magic, crafting a charming story perfect to tuck your kids into bed with.  The book has an easy-to-read cadence resulting in a breezy story just the right length for tired parents anxious for bedtime.  Adding to this charming book are Ms. Allyn’s dreamy illustrations.  I can’t decide which character I love the best.  The Cow that Jumped Over the Moon with her tiny fairy wings, Jack Be Nimble as a jack rabbit or Little Bo Peep’s sheep.  Each character is crafted with warmth and love and I simply can’t stop smiling at them.

In case you need a Mother Goose refresher, all the nursery rhythms used in the book are printed at the back.

Happy Reading!

One thought on “Pajama Time

  1. This book sounds adorable! Kaelyn has a few nursery rhyme books so I’m excited to show her one that incorporates the characters into one story! Thanks!


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