Science Starters

There are so many first concept books for babies and toddlers: colors, numbers, first words.  But what about science?  If you think that beginning science concepts at an early age is impossible then I hope you will be as pleasantly surprised by these books as I was.


Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering and Baby Loves Quarks written by Ruth Spiro and illustrated by Irene Chan teach scientific theories and principles with simple sentences and bright, friendly illustrations.  By using everyday objects already familiar to children such as blocks, animals and airplanes these books offer a peek into how the world works.   I especially love how a bird is used to illustrate aerodynamics in Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering and how the concept transitions from bird to airplane to rocket ship.  And the kids love seeing bird blasting off into the far reaches of space in her adorable rocket ship and helmet.  Way to follow your dreams bird!


In Baby Loves Quarks we see a child building a block tower, the book explains that baby builds towers with blocks but that “nature builds with quarks” (the most adorable quarks ever!) Further the book explains how quarks make protons or neutrons and then atoms and molecules.  It also talks about how scientists can break apart a nucleus and then shows an illustration of the child knocking down the block tower.  After reading the book my daughter went and knocked over her blocks.  She may not yet understanding quarks, but she does understanding breaking stuff!

I love these bright, fun, and smart books, and hope more follow this amazing set!


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